Spring trends

Now that winter is finally on the way out, it’s time to pack up the piles of heavy blankets and update your living space for spring. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Color your world

Coral pantone colour of the year 2019

The color experts at Pantone have spoken when it comes to what colors to expect in fashion and home decor for spring and summer this year. Living Coral is the official Color of the Year for 2019--this peachy-golden orange is both bold and cheery, and unexpectedly versatile. When considering a home refresh this spring, try pairing coral colors with rich, earthy browns and greens, and (sparingly) bright pinks and royal blues.

Go green


“Biophilia”--a huge interior design trend for this year--is all about the relationship between humans and nature. That includes natural elements like wood floors, stone, jute, et cetera, but you can bring it home in a big way this spring by adding some plants to your living space. Plants help clean the air, and they also brighten up your environment. You can start small, with a petite succulent garden, or go all-in with a ficus tree in a stylish planter. New to plant life? Try pothos or a snake plant, both of which are hardy enough to withstand the blackest of thumbs. Afraid of commitment? Fresh flowers in a cute vase allow you to enjoy nature without the responsibility of caring for them longer than a week.

Accent on the details

Egg Chair

You don’t have to commit to a whole-house reno to breathe new life into your living space. Modern eclectic home design is perennially in style, which means you can add accent pieces and small decor tweaks to add up to a big shift in how the space looks and feels. Think about adding a mod statement chair like the Egg Chair inspired by Arne Jacobsen, in place of a fusty old recliner; streamlined lighting solutions instead of matching table lamps; colorful rugs and toss pillows to give depth to an otherwise neutral room. Updating bulky furnishings with sleek, modern counterparts will instantly make a room feel lighter and brighter--even if you just swap out one piece.

Lighten up

Sheer curtains

Daylight Saving Time means later daylight hours--so make use of it! Consider swapping out your thermal curtains for something sheer and airy that lets some of that sunshine in. It’s also a good time to put away heavy-duty door mats or boot trays and embrace accent rugs in cheery patterns and lighter colors.

Look (at your) books


Most people only read 20-40% of the books that they buy. If that’s you--and your bookshelves are constantly shaming you about your long-abandoned goal of reading Moby Dick--give yourself amnesty this spring and get rid of books you haven’t cracked in a few years. And once you’ve unencumbered your shelves, consider replacing any old, damaged, or poor-quality (think those particle board bookcases from Target that we all still have in our homes somewhere) bookshelves with something open-concept so you can display the books you actually love in style.

Shine on

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an all-out war on dirt. Ditch the rubber gloves and toxic cleaning chemicals this year and try out some eco-friendly options. You can quickly make your own all-purpose cleaning spray with 1 part water and 1 part distilled vinegar--this solution is effective at shining up floors and windows on its own, but you can even boost its benefits (and personalize the scent) by adding a few drops of essential oils like lavender, lemon, or tea tree, all of which have antibacterial properties.

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